I’m proud to say I do things a little differently! Rather than just hand you digital files and wish you luck figuring out what to do with them, I'll take the time to help you figure out exactly which custom wall pieces will work best for you. I understand there is a perceived value in receiving a digital copy to have as a backup, however, I also want you to experience a tangible piece of art that you can hold on to for a lifetime and pass down. I LOVE turning photos into treasured pieces of art that are ready to be hung and perfectly displayed in your home or office. Read more here

Check out Rachel’s Experience! She sent me her wall to see how the 16x20 canvas we initially we’re going to order would look—TOO SMALL!! So we upgraded the size and added 2 complimenting canvases with photos from her session.

A (picture) perfect fit!

The process for creating your custom wall is so simple!

  • Send me a photo of your wall(s) with a 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper taped up and centered

  • Receive 10% off your entire order for sending a photo of your wall

Even more special, when I am planning and shooting your session, I'm thinking about what the final product and style will look like on your wall.  Why not pre plan a wall gallery prior to your session?? I strive for timeless and authentic, so you'll still be thrilled to display your photos even years from now.  

 Contact me so we can start planning your session and your own customized wall art gallery.