South Bend, Indiana | Niles, Michigan Newborn Photographer Memorial Hospital Session

Fresh 48 Newborn Photo Session | Memorial Hospital South Bend, Indiana

If you have ever had a newborn, you know how fast they CHANGE and how quickly they lose that Newborn Appearance. Hospital {Fresh 48} sessions capture their brand new features, many of which that will change in a week. This type of Newborn photo session captures the details you will soon forget.

Your baby’s hands will never be this much smaller than his daddy’s, and those are the details I love for you to have a memory of.

{Fresh 48} Newborn Photo Sessions take place within the first few days (48hrs) of baby’s life at the hospital, birthing center, or home if that’s where you deliver. During those first few days, there is so much adjusting to life with your baby and add all the visitors—the time flies by and you’ll quickly forget many moments of those precious hours.

“but doesn’t the hospital have a photographer that comes to my room while I am there already??”

In some cases. If you deliver going into a weekend, you may not see one as most are only there during the week. All of our Michiana Health Systems, Lakeland Hospital, Memorial Hospital of South Bend, St. Joseph Regional of Mishawaka are always changing the companies they contract with too, so there isn’t consistency…and if there is a corporate company when you look at their website for examples, it will not be the work of the actual photographer you get. I’ve been visiting a family member while a photographer from a contracted company came in to offer that complimentary session, and for the five minutes that I saw her work it was very obvious she wasn’t trained in photography, as she was shooting in automatic mode and using a harsh flash, she had more training in the sales process. Remember, this is a period of time you cannot get back.

“how much preparation do I need to worry about for a Fresh 48 Photo Session?”

Barely any at all! Just notify me when you know labor is impending, so I know to keep my calendar light the next few days. When baby arrives, text or email me, and we will plan a time for me to drop by. Under most circumstances, I’ll be in and out of the room in 30-45 minutes. I’ll also provide you with some tips on what to pack in your bag to wear for your session.

Scheduling FAQS

Ashley Wentz Photography accepts Newborn Photo Session bookings weeks and usually months prior to your due date.   I only accept a limited number each month to maintain flexibility for scheduling brand new babies as they arrive (you know, on their own time)  and to be sure I serve my clients well.  It's never too early--schedule yours today! 

Ask about my Milestone Plan that ensures photos of your Newborn and all of the milestones over the First Year---including a grand session at his/her first birthday with a Smash Cake Photo Session!