Beginner Basics- Photography & Camera Class
12:00 PM12:00

Beginner Basics- Photography & Camera Class

In this 4 Hour, hands on, course you will learn how to operate your DSLR camera outside of the “auto mode” to create great photos of your family and friends using the light available and environment around you.


Ashley will cover:

Photography 101: Basic Composition & Lighting

How to find the light you need to improve your photos

Operating your DSLR camera

The “Exposure Triangle”

This course is recommended for:

~High School Students wanting to learn photography basics

~Parents that want to take better photographs of their children & family

~Any Individual that has a DSLR camera and has been too intimidated to start using it, or those who want to ensure they are getting the most from their camera.

Required:  A DSLR camera + 16 gb (or larger) SD card (if you have not yet purchased a camera and want to know where to start, feel free to reach out on affordable recommendations)

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