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Do you offer a discount if I want to schedule more than one Newborn Session?

    Yes. I offer $75 off if you schedule any two full newborn sessions.  Or I also offer a “Hello Baby” Package which includes a mini Fresh 48 Session and a mini Studio Session and the edited images from these two sessions are presented to parents in a keepsake Photo Book.  The cost of the “Hello Baby” Package is $500. The "Hello Baby" Package must be paid in full at time of booking and does not include any digital copies of images. 

Do you offer any Milestone Packages ?

  I do!  I offer a “Baby’s First Year” Package.  It includes a mini Fresh 48 Session, a Full Studio Session, Sitter session (6-7 months) and First Birthday/Cake Smash Session.  Birth Announcements are included along with Prints and digital images with each session,  AND after the final session (1st Birthday), parents receive a Signature Heirloom Album ($700 value) that includes all edited images from all 4 sessions to showcase your baby’s complete first year.  A “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament with a chosen newborn photo is also sent to you right before Christmas Time. “Baby’s First Year” Package is $1500, and can be divided into payments as little as $100/month over 12-15 months for convenience.  

What clothes or props should I bring to the Newborn Studio session?

 I have a closet of high quality clothes, wraps, headbands, and props.  There is no need to bring anything but your baby. If there is something personal you want to include in photos, I am happy to include but I do require parents to let me know ahead of time so I can plan it into baby’s session.  Also, it is worth mentioning that the fit of clothes used during the photo session is very important to obtain an aesthetically pleasing photo, and not easy to get right so I only purchase clothing from authorized Newborn Prop Vendors. Crocheted items are often too large and bulky.

What if my baby cries a lot during the session?

  My posing and workflow is baby led and comfort focused.  There will be plenty of time for feeding and comforting, and I really do have a lot of tricks to help keep baby calm.  I welcome awake, bright eyed shots as well. Also, I provide parents with a simple preparation guide to help them get ready and show up with a content baby.  Preparation is key!

Who can be in photos with my baby?

  Immediate family (parents and siblings) shots are included with a full Newborn Studio Session.  My studio space is large and toddler friendly. Styling tips are included so you know what to dress your family in as well.  

Are you up to date on immunizations?

  Yes, absolutely!  Whether you choose to vaccinate your baby/family is completely up to you, but your newborn should not be exposed to communicable diseases as there immune system is still developing. Since I work around tiny babies all of the time, I feel it is my duty to keep them protected so I stay up to date on all immunizations.  My props are also cleaned and studio disinfected after each client. I am a licensed Registered Nurse so safety and health is second nature to me.

How long does it take to receive our photos back?

  I have your printed proofs back and ready to be viewed at your Reveal Appointment in 2-3 weeks, sometimes sooner.  After your session, we will schedule a date for you to come back to the studio and select your favorite photos and order any albums or wall art.  You will get to take your selected 5x7 proofs home that same day. Digital copies will then be loaded into an online gallery.

What if I just want a digital copy of every photo?

  A select number of digital copies (sized to print up clearly up to 8x10 inches) are included with each session as I understand it is important for parents to save these for archival purposes or create future projects with them.  Web sized images that are best for online sharing are also included. High resolution images that can be printed to pretty much “bill board size” are also available for purchase, but parents often find that unnecessary when they see the selection of prints/wall art/albums that they can add on at the Reveal Appointment.  

Why is it best to get prints from you?

  One of the best parts of my job is seeing parents’ eyes light up when holding a tangible print or flipping through an album of their precious baby.  Since I am the creator of the image, I know best what it should look like printed and I can’t say the same about consumer photo labs. My editing monitor is calibrated specifically to my professional print lab to guarantee the best rendering of your baby’s skin tone, proper photo exposure, and overall quality.  My professional lab uses archival grade paper that is protected from fading for 200+ years. I offer mounted prints to give your photos an extra layer of durability and to ensure that your photos won’t become “wavy” overtime while in the frame. I understand that having that digital copy is important since we live in a digital world (and some ARE included with each session) but I’ve also had clients return to me for prints again, even after they’ve printed from shutterfly because they noticed such a substantial difference from a shutterfly print compared to my prints.  Parents enjoy the experience of the “reveal appointment” but also say they love getting prints from me because they are so busy tending to their newborn during those first few months that printing their own photos has proved to be more of an effort than they realized, so printing doesn’t usually even happen.   There are even different steps required for preparing an image for print during the editing process that often isn’t even learned unless you’ve taken professional classes, and this step is almost always missed by photographers that don’t print….so that digital copy they render and give a print release with often isn’t living up to its full potential. Consumer labs may try and alter the image that is uploaded to make up for these missed steps, but often they don’t get it right. I guarantee a photographer that is experienced in printing is going to put more effort into creating your images and will provide a better end product. I truly believe my clients deserve the best!

Okay, I am ready to book now what?

     Great!  Complete the proposal I've emailed you, pay the retainer fee of $75 & sign the portrait agreement, and complete the questionnaire.  Once you are booked, you can expect to receive your "welcome kit" with session preparation instructions in the mail in 1-2 weeks.  

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