Ashley Wentz Photography


What’s included in my portrait sitting/session fee?

    For standard portrait sessions (family, children, seniors, engagement, maternity, newborn) your sitting fee includes your session time in studio or on location, styling tips or consultation to help you prepare for your session, and a credit (that varies on the type of session you book) to use towards the purchase of prints, wall art, albums, or digital copies of your favorite photos.

Do you have an “actual” studio?

I do, it’s a 900 sq foot space located in a professional business center in downtown Niles. I offer head shots, newborn or children’s portraits, and senior portraits at my studio. I also invite guests to make an appointment to tour or visit to plan your session. After most sessions, clients come back to my studio to view their proofed images and order their final photos.

What’s the typical process for a photo session?

  1. Preplanning or consultation, via phone, skype, or in person at my studio or your favorite local coffee shop.

  2. Book your session by paying your session fee or minimum deposit of $75

  3. Prior to your session Receive any additional styling advice or session tips from me—yes, it’s my job to make you look and feel your best so I’m here to help and/or your family be camera ready!

  4. Hold your photo session :)

  5. We will meet in person 3-5 days for you to view your gallery. This is also your selection and ordering appointment, so here you will choose your favorite images and order your prints or any products.

  6. I’ll retouch your final images and send them to production (or load your selected digital copies) and you’ll have your final products back in 2-3 weeks.

Do you offer “digitals” ?

Yes, at your selection appointment, you can order digital copies of any of your favorite images with a print release. After retouching, they will be delivered to you via an online gallery or presented on a keepsake USB drive.

Why do you offer printed images, I think I just want the digital copies?

Sometimes, clients want digital copies and aren’t too worried about prints, I get it, but I’ve learned they do so because they aren’t certain how they want to display their photos and think in time they will figure it out. However, I’ve realized that I’m not fully doing my job as your photographer if you don’t take home something tangible that you can enjoy right away. I have software tools and visuals to help you decide how to best display your photos, what fits best on your walls, or what sizes are best to gift to your family members. I print my work all of the time, and I am the creator of the image, so I know how it’s supposed to look better than anyone else when it’s printed. I’ve done all of the work for you and I’ve tested dozens of labs for quality and only offer the best, and my editing monitor is calibrated specifically to the professional labs that I use so skin tones, high-lights, color profiles, etc are accurately reproduced on the products you receive from me. I guarantee you are going to treasure the photos displayed on your wall or in an album far more than a USB drive containing those said photos. A little industry secret that I’ll share, photographers that print their work take more pride in and produce better images overall than those that hand over a cd full of files. I’ve heard countless stories from their unhappy clients when they went to print and the file itself wasn’t even formatted correctly for print. >>Learn more about the print movement here. <<

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