How Much!?!?!

Thanks again for requesting more information about newborn photos. I’m here if you need any questions answered. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure I portray the value of what I offer. Not so much to convince you that you NEED to spend money on photos of your precious newborn or invest in a session with me, and by no means am I trying to convince you to purchase a service that’s not welcomed in your budget, but I want you to be aware that I appreciate anyone willing to invest their dollars into what I do and what I can do for you….that I just feel it’s only fair to lay out a really thorough explanation on what you are getting in return for your investment. I know the value, and anyone that’s worked with me knows the value but I understand there’s sometimes a little hesitancy to invest money into photography these days….I mean when there’s always a cousin of a friend that owns a nice camera and can take at least 50 or 100 photos and hand them over on a cd for next to no cost. However, what they offer is completely different than what a professional does.

Meet Chelsea……..she’s entrusted me with her maternity, hospital, and studio newborn photos. I’ve loved every minute working with she and her husband, and their sweet baby boy.


On the day of her studio session, she showed up at the studio….well, a hot mess. Her little guy was up partying the whole night before (in true newborn fashion) so she was tired, but had also slept passed her alarm that morning leaving no time to get ready before their studio session. Originally the plan was for she and her husband to be in some photos with their baby, but when she walked into my studio, she had pretty much given up on that thought. Her initial words were: “we overslept, I haven’t brushed my hair, it’s super frizzy, I don’t have any makeup on, I really didn’t bring any other clothes, I’m covered in dry milk and spit up, and he didn’t sleep last night—I’m a hot mess and I don’t think I should be in any photos unless you work some serious photoshop magic.”

Well, I thought she looked perfect because beyond all the perceived “mishaps” this is how motherhood usually begins and she beamed “motherhood.” I do remember those early days with a newborn, so I understood why she wasn’t feeling photogenic, but I knew she’d grow to regret missing out on these photos so I coaxed her to trust me. why?? because I believe that mothers and their children deserve to have these fleeting, once in a lifetime moments, documented and preserved….and what she felt in those moments didn’t align with how I viewed her one bit. I promise, the vision in my head is always different from the obvious. Chelsea trusted my vision, reluctantly agreed to let me capture her anyway, and allowed me to create an artful & timeless portrait of she and her brand new son. Trust, that’s all I need is for my clients to trust me and my vision and I will create something to be treasured for years.

Photography (done correctly) is an art—hire an artist. Hire a trained professional that brings the best out in his/her clients. If they photograph and create portraits of newborns, at the very least they should know how to edit newborn skin. Skin that is often flaky, blemished, splotchy and a mixture of red, yellow, and purple tones requires a lot of work. A process that, done correctly, can take 30-45 minutes per photo. So a newborn gallery of 10 images may take 5-6 hrs just to edit alone.

I could go on but I’ll let you see for yourself. The photo on the top is what I created with my camera in hand and a vision in my head, the photo on the bottom is after I brought that vision to life and turned it into art.

I realize that there may not be a place in every person’s budget for artistic portraits, but wouldn’t you agree this is bound to be a priceless image that only increases in value as the years go by??

I realize that there may not be a place in every person’s budget for artistic portraits, but wouldn’t you agree this is bound to be a priceless image that only increases in value as the years go by??

Ashley Wentz