Your teeny, tiny newborn with all those brand new wrinkly features will grow and change so quickly. This is a time that you can’t ever go back to, yet you’ll probably find your mind reliving it during many significant milestones over the next 18+years. I know every night when I hold my 5 year old in my arms at bedtime, his newborn face flashes before me and I’ll never forget how alert and bright eyed he was just moments after birth. I couldn’t get enough of his face then and I’d sure love to go back in time and soak up some more of those moments now. Although it’s impossible to go back in time or freeze those moments, it can still be captured and preserved for years….for generations actually, I’d love to help document this special time for your family and provide treasured photographs to be passed down.

It is recommended that you book your newborn’s session 3 months before baby is due to ensure availability. Request more info here.

I offer 3 different session options to preserve these fleeting moments…

  • Fine art portraits of your baby (and family) at my professional studio

  • In the comfort of your own home for a documentary style shoot

  • or at the hospital after baby is born but prior to going home (Fresh48).

Session + Photo Packages start at $395

Studio Session

In Home {Lifestyle} Session

In Hospital {Fresh48} Session